Half Day Diet Review

What you NEED to know about Nate Miyaki’s innovative diet plan…

Is there really need for yet another diet plan?

99% of the time I’d say “no”, but Nate Miyaki just released an eating plan called The Half Day Diet…which tackles a common diet pitfall.

As you probably already know, low-carb Paleo type eating is quickly becoming mainstream.

A lot of people have benefited from this type of diet, they have lost weight and improved heath, etc. But…

Low Carb Diets Cause Certain Problems

The biggest problem with low carb diets is that the metabolism begins to slow down when this type of diet is followed for too long.

Carbs are like jet fuel to you metabolism.

half day diet review

Long after you consume carbs, your metabolism is revved up.

When you remove carbs from your diet the body becomes cold and sluggish.

Low carb diets are great for fat loss initially…

…but eventually you wind up paying the price with a slow metabolism and a BIG TIME fat loss sticking point.

So what do you do?

This is the question that Nate Miyaki asked himself a few years back.

Over a period of several years, he perfected a hybrid low-carb diet that worked wonders for him and his clients.

…and now he is ready to release it to the public.

Introducing…The Half Day Diet



Nate is one of Silicon Valley’s premiere trainers.

Since his time is limited, he charges a premium rate.

His clients gladly pay it, but he also wanted to help people who either didn’t live in the Bay Area…

…or who couldn’t afford his rates.

The Half Day Diet course is a way for him to reach as many people as possible.

Want to know the exact diet plan that all of Nate’s rich Silicon Valley clients use?

He uses this same hybrid low-carb approach, as does his wife.

Nate Miyaki and Kalai Diamond


Here’s a Brief Description of the Approach


  1. Eat low carb and lower calories during the day.
  2. Eat all of your daily carbs at night.

This sounds like the exact opposite of what most of us have been told for years.

What happens is that the body uses fat for fuel during the dayall day long.

No carbs during the day means there is no insulin release to disrupt the fat burning.

Then at night, when the body is winding down the fat burning…you introduce carbs.

Carbs heat the metabolism back up.


…and make for the ideal high metabolism fat burning situation the next day when you are eating low carb.

Note: This is just a brief summary. There are more details and nuances to follow in order for the diet to work efficiently.

Bonuses That Come In Addition To the Main Manual




  • Happy Hour Handbook – Who doesn’t enjoy a good happy hour? Well…if fat loss is your goal, you can’t go nuts on the drinks. Nate shows you a way to get a drink or two in, as well as the type of appetizers to look for to rev up your metabolism.
  • Restaurant & Fast Food Survival Guide – Nate lays out the type of meals to look for on a menu. You can find metabolism boosting items on almost any menu, regardless of the type of restaurant.
  • The Flat Belly Platinum Club – This is the only place where Nate answers questions online. He even gets on coaching calls to help members out. You get free 30 days access to this service. It’s a great way to make sure you get your diet off to a fast start.

Should You Pick Up The Half Day Diet?

It launches at a DEEP Discount between August 27th – September 1st.

Are you interested in getting lean without fat loss sticking points?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up.

Get “Half Day Diet” for Just $9 (90% off)